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Free Yourself, Lose the Guilt

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Free yourself and lose the guilt!

As a kickoff post for this health blog, it’s only befitting to share the aim of this blog and why it is established.

From the name itself, Lose the Guilt aims to boost anyone’s confidence and lose the guilt he or she carries because of his or her physical appearance. Many people feel guilty about not watching what they eat. Many people do not enjoy looking at themselves in front of the mirror.

Lose the Guilt would like people to appreciate the beauty of life and the beauty they possess. It’s an ambitious goal for a blog that only¬†shares some weight loss tips, healthy recipes, workout routines, and even uplifting words to readers but hey, small acts count.

So let go of what haunts you; lose the guilt and join us on this journey to healthier choices, a healthier body, and a healthier spirit.

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