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Fun Sports for Weight Loss

on October 19, 2012

Sometimes going to the gym can be pretty boring and blah. It can be such a routine that some find it hard to commit to. Instead of signing up for personal training programs and for a personal trainer at your local gym, why not go for your favorite sport instead? Playing sports can give you the same body fat loss or muscle gain results you want through a more fun way. You’re playing and losing weight at the same time! Talk about a perfect combination!

Here are recommended sports that you can trade for the gym:

swimming a body fat loss sport

  1. Swimming – This sport works on all major muscles which will tone you up. Upper body strength will improve because you are resisting water when you propel your body forward. Proper breathing will be honed as well which could be beneficial to both your lungs and heart. It can be relaxing, too, after your intense laps. Plus, you won’t feel the sweat pouring out of you since you’re submerged in water.
  2. Badminton / Tennis – Although the mechanics of badminton and tennis have similarities and differences, the weight loss benefits are the same. It involves a lot of running which helps improve lower body strength. Upper body strength is also improved thanks to the smashing rackets involved. Quickness in movement and thinking are honed as well.
  3. Track – Running helps improve leg power or lower body strength.
  4. Basketball – Basketball is a total body workout. This team sport is fun and effective. It involves a lot of sprinting for lower body movement, and blocking, shooting, catching, and dribbling for upper body movement.
  5. Soccer / Football – Soccer or football can be a total body workout as well but it focuses more on leg power.
  6. Boxing – Another total body workout sport, boxing allows you to lose weight and gain muscle thanks to the punching, dodging, and stances involved. Yes, this kind of sport requires a gym and a personal trainer but it’s still a fun sport which is does not involve a boring routine. Quickness in movement and thinking are honed, too. The footwork involved will help improve lower body strength. The punching and dodging involved will improve upper body strength. Endurance for pain will improve as well.

boxing a muscle gain sport

If your favorite sport isn’t listed here, then maybe you could still go for both your favorite sport and one recommended here.


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