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Tricking Yourself Into Eating Less

on November 7, 2012

eat less tricks

Arriving at the verge of obesity can make it difficult for some to begin body fat loss personal training. Aside from the problem of having too much fat stored, the capacity of the large intestine has also increased making it hard for people to fill up. Eating less for weight loss would soon be a struggle since they would be used to having so much food digested in their enlarged stomach and intestines.

In order to avoid overeating and to reduce food intake, here are simple tricks that could help you eat less:

measured popcorn kernels

Popcorn kernels measured before popping and snacking.

1. Avoid eating from the container – Portion snacks so that you’ll avoid eating too much. Eating directly from the big bag / box tends to encourage you into eating more since you might unconsciously aim to finish all of it. Placing a measuring spoon or cup into the big container might help you be mindful of your portions.

2. Chew longer – A friend once told me that one big bite must be chewed at least 20 times. Chewing longer helps you savor the taste which then helps you quickly satisfy your hunger so you won’t have to eat some more. Also, it is said to aid the organism in better metabolizing the food through easier digestion.

3. Use smaller dishware – You might tend to pile up on food when you are given a big plate or a big bowl. You get the urge of filling up the space; thus, you’ll have bigger portions that might even be too much for you. Using smaller dishware could help you eat enough or eat less.

4. Eat food high in fiber – Fiber-rich food can help you feel full without too much calories. It also promotes the feeling fullness for a longer period of time. Then, it aids digestion and metabolism so it really is a good way to encourage body fat loss.

5. Keep a food journal – Writing down what you eat helps you mind what you eat. It allows you to keep track of your daily calorie-intake. Apart from that, you also get to evaluate your food consumption. Do you eat more of the good stuff than the bad stuff in a day? Do you tend to eat more carbs than protein or vice versa? Was your intake today balanced? Having  a food journal around makes you think about your food choices by considering what you’ve already eaten and what you plan to eat later on.

6. Keep wrappers – During your cheat day or reward day, let the wrappers pile up so that you’ll be mindful of how much reward treats you’ve already consumed.

7. Don’t stay up late – When you are awake for much too long, your body will need energy and instead of relying on sleep for energy, it will opt for another way to get it: food. Since food is another way to get energy, your body will make you crave for food and this results to midnight snacking. Midnight snacking is not good because metabolism slows down in the afternoon and continue to decline through the night. So eating midnight snacks will take too long to digest and might even cause indigestion.

8. Eat only when hungry – When bored, you might tend to check the fridge or snack cabinet. Stop yourself when that happens and ask yourself “Am I really hungry?” If not, think of ways to entertain yourself or get yourself out of that boredom so that you won’t munch unnecessarily just because you have nothing to do. Eating sugar-free gum might help when you want to munch on something but you’re not really hungry. This helps keep your mind off eating.

9. Ask for a doggy bag– When eating out, don’t force yourself to finish everything. If you feel full, stop! Make it to-go if there’s still a lot left.

10. Brush teeth after eating – After eating a meal, brush your teeth so that the minty feeling of freshness will help you restrain into eating some more. It promotes good hygiene as well.

brushing teeth

Mint also helps suppress appetite.


2 responses to “Tricking Yourself Into Eating Less

  1. biz319 says:

    I love the idea of keeping wrappers – when they pile up you know you’ve probably had too many! 😀

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