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Putting the Fun in Fitness

on November 15, 2012

gym buddies

There are times when you may become too lazy, bored, or undetermined to continue weight loss efforts. You end up in a fitness rut that could eventually halt your body fat loss or worse, bounce back to your starting weight. Don’t give up and think about all the efforts your past self did. You shouldn’t let your past self down so if you find yourself in a stump, think of ways to lift yourself from that. Maybe reading fitness blogs and articles should help. Reading online advice might come in handy, too, like the following fitness tips that would help you find the fun in fitness again.

1. Of course, most people would prefer lounging on the couch while watching their favorite TV shows than hitting the gym. If this is you, then why not catch your favorite TV show at the gym instead? You’ll be so entertained you won’t notice that you already burned so much!

2. Music can help us shift our moods so expand your dance playlist and turn it up! Pumped up beats could help encourage you to stand up and move! Go for it!

party girl3. Who says you’re forbidden to party? Just skip the cocktails/drinks and head to the dance floor! You’ll get to have fun while burning some calories, too. Socialize and live it up! If friends encourage you to drink, just make a health excuse. Remember that water is your only best friend at the party when you become thirsty from grooving too much.

4. Remember your fitness mantra. If you don’t have one, make one! It could be “I’ll feel better once I’m done,” “Limber up! Don’t be an easy zombie-bait,” or “Just do it!” Write it on your mirror; make a banner; turn it into a cellphone or computer wallpaper… whatever fits you! Just make sure it’s there to remind you what you for so long desire.

5. Sometimes, the gym scenery may not be so inspiring visually. Changing the scenery to an outdoor (beach, park, mountain, etc.) one may help you feel more encouraged and refreshed at the same time.

6. Have a fitness buddy! He or she may help you get out of that rut through his or her determination. In turn, you can do the same for him or her when he or she ends up in a rut, too. Plus, working out will be more fun with a friend around.

7. Blog about your road to fitness. This way, you’ll be encouraged to stick to your personal training plan since you wouldn’t want to let your followers or readers down when you stop blogging. You may also get to learn more weight loss tips and helpful wellness advice from fellow bloggers or followers!


Remember that exercise can make you happy as it helps release endorphins in the brain. If you are having a hard time starting your fitness routine, just think that it will eventually pass once you begin since the endorphins will finally be released and will help you find your rhythm again. That’s it for me today; remember to always strive to be fitter in order to be a healthier and happier you. 🙂


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