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Food for the Soul: VALUE Yourself

People often have the misconception that losing weight means shedding the “ugliness.” Those who carry a little more flab here and there have a tendency to automatically categorize themselves as “ugly,” “not sexy,” and “undesirable.” They are quick to bring themselves down and this kind of insecurity or guilt is the leading cause of dangerous methods for weight loss (e.g. eating disorders, depression, etc.).

Some may think that body fat loss equates to being prettier or handsomer. If that is the sole driving force you have in order to be fitter or healthier, then you may achieve being lighter but you still won’t achieve being prettier or handsomer. Why? Because no matter how lighter or “prettier/handsomer” you think you get, you’ll know that you yourself won’t think you have achieved being “prettier/handsomer” with that kind of mindset.

love yourself first and always

Love yourself first and always.

The right mindset that you should have when you intend to start your journey to a fitter you is that you should accept yourself first. Accept who you are and what you have. It sounds cheesy and overrated, I know, but be satisfied with yourself. Then, bear in mind that when you are trying to lose weight, you are doing it not because you want to look “prettier/handsomer” (when you already are) but because you want some healthy improvement in your lifestyle.

If you are happy to be who you are, it will reflect on your physical appearance not just after your journey to weight loss but even during and before it started. This kind of thinking will help you steer clear of the dangerous weight loss methods, too. Having a beautiful way of thinking and loving yourself can be reflected by your physical appearance. It’s similar to how pretty clothes won’t look pretty on you when people can see how uncomfortable you are in them. When you can’t appreciate yourself; when you are not comfortable with yourself, then people will also have a hard time seeing the true value you possess no matter how lighter or fitter you get. Learn to VALUE yourself.


When setting goals, visualizing comes with it. It’s okay imagine what you want to achieve. Drawing inspiration from the photos of your favorite celebrities might help but make sure that it would aid you, not depress you. Do not be envious of them. Just be inspired by them.


You have big thighs? Accept it. You have flabby arms? Accept it. When you accept what you have then you will know what to focus on. You will be driven or inspired to change them. Who else to better accept yourself than your very self? When you accept yourself, you’d tend to have a happier mindset and outlook on life which would be very healthy for you mentally and spiritually.


Heard about YOLO? It’s true. You Only Live Once so remove all the insecurities you have and live the good life you want. It’s never too late to start living the healthier and happier lifestyle you always wanted.


Feeling a bit left behind? Like no matter how many times you move and sweat, you’re still not getting there? Understand that everyone is unique and this goes to everyone’s weight loss pace as well. Don’t beat yourself if you think you’re taking so long to achieve your fitness goals. What’s important is that change is happening no matter how subtle or small it appears to be. It might be a bad day, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad life.

Eat well

eat wellIt is highly recommended to dedicate yourself to a strict diet. It is indeed a healthier choice. But you should enjoy it at the same time. How? If you’re a picky eater, then eat the healthy food you find appetizing. Need more fiber in your diet? Why punish your taste buds by eating the green beans you hate when you can get almost the same amount of fiber from sweet potatoes?

Moreover, I might be the only one to say this but heck, I think you should reward yourself with your favorite comfort food maybe once in a while. (Note: Once in a while, not once in a day or once in 3 days. lol! Don’t abuse it!) Why? Because comfort food not only feeds your tummy but it also feeds your soul. It comforts you. And as mentioned earlier, feeling comfortable with yourself is valuing yourself. “Eating well” should not only be about the physical aspect but should be about the spiritual aspect as well.

Finally, remember that the road to a fitter self is less taxing when you enjoy the journey and when you know how to VALUE yourself.

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Exercise Makes You Happy

exercise leads to happinessEver wondered why fitness buffs are mostly perky? It’s because exercising makes them happy.

Studies show that exercising releases endorphins in the brain. Wikipedia defines endorphins as consisting “of two parts: endo- and -orphin; these are short forms of the words endogenous and morphine, intended to mean “a morphine-like substance originating from within the body.

To put it simply, endorphins are the reason behind the “natural high” or “runners high” we get. Many people will agree that it’s the best drug there is with great side effects such as residual health benefits. Walking, running, biking, dancing or any other type of physical movement can make one feel happy, less anxious, more energized, and even have that satisfactory feeling of accomplishment when personal training fitness goals are achieved.

A single exercise session lasting 20 or 30 minutes at 80 percent of your capacity brings on pain-relieving endorphins, according to work by Robert G. McMurray of the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill (source: Foxnews.com).

It is also said that the more stressed a person is, the more intense the exercise should be. Intensity means the duration which is more than 30 minutes for those who are more stressed. It doesn’t have to be extreme workouts. As mentioned earlier, it could be in the form of walking, jogging, dancing, or even doing the house chores. Just 3-4 times of exercise in a week can leave a positive impact on anyone’s life.

When exercising, remember that it not only leads to weight loss but it could also lead to a happier and more confident you.

exercising releases endorphins


Free Yourself, Lose the Guilt

lose the guilt logo

Free yourself and lose the guilt!

As a kickoff post for this health blog, it’s only befitting to share the aim of this blog and why it is established.

From the name itself, Lose the Guilt aims to boost anyone’s confidence and lose the guilt he or she carries because of his or her physical appearance. Many people feel guilty about not watching what they eat. Many people do not enjoy looking at themselves in front of the mirror.

Lose the Guilt would like people to appreciate the beauty of life and the beauty they possess. It’s an ambitious goal for a blog that only shares some weight loss tips, healthy recipes, workout routines, and even uplifting words to readers but hey, small acts count.

So let go of what haunts you; lose the guilt and join us on this journey to healthier choices, a healthier body, and a healthier spirit.

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